IMG_0917Julie’s background is in the Arts.  She is skilled in textile design, ceramic arts, and landscape design.  Julie has worked professionally in gardens around the coastal Piscataqua region for the past thirty years.

“To me, horticulture is just a natural progression from the arts. It involves so many of the same elements that I have studied. Working with texture and color, the senses, and the elements, there is no higher art that what the earth coaxes out of herself. I’m just a conduit, an organizer of her creations.”

A steady designer of ornamental designs, Julie is now turning her attention toward the larger, broader picture of natural ecosystems. Through the study of permaculture, we see how our gardens fit in to the bigger systems we live in.

” The study of permaculture brings in a practical element of growing food, collecting energy, tapping into the natural movements of people. This awareness, as a design principle, is an incredibly creative way to work. I help people look at their immediate environment as a working living system that they are a part of. Beautiful, practical, productive, and a remembering, if you will, that we are not separate from the land we inhabit.”